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New! Announcing JetRide Syracuse

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made boating accessible to everyone in Syracuse.

Starting soon, you’ll be able to unlock a number of rentable watercraft – from jet-skis to 12 passenger boats directly from your phone. It’s simple – sign up as a rider, reserve the time you want to JetRide, hop on at your time, and return when you’re done! You’ll no longer have to worry about fueling up, towing, docking, or any maintenance. You’ll simply reserve and ride.

Bringing JetRide to Oneida Lake has been years in the making, but the idea was a no-brainer. Giving people the option to experience boating lifestyle without having to own anything is a true plus for individuals and families that don’t want to tackle ownership. Our whole mission at 43 North is to help folks find their gateway to new adventures, family time and smooth sailing; with a ride-sharing type program like we’re offering, we think that we’re one step closer to making that a possibility for everyone.

Let’s face it owning a boat or watercraft is hard. We’ve heard this a number of times and we’ve listened. This solution is a perfect opportunity to go out on the lake when you feel like it, not because you’re obligated. In addition, when you do go, it can be for all the good parts – you don’t have to spend time doing the “dirty work.” Proper boat maintenance, storage, and cleaning adds up and takes time away from the beautiful day ahead.

So, without further ado – head over to our JetRide page to learn more and sign up for one of the best new programs to hit Central New York.

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