Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, & Stop the Coronavirus – Updated April 23

43 North Marina Is Open For Business

Updated April 23: With the latest NY governor’s executive order, marinas are open for business where such facilities adhere to strict social distancing and sanitization protocol. The restrooms will remain closed, and the office is via appointment only. Please call or email to coordinate any activity. Further safety protocols will be outlined and posted around the marina. We look forward to a safe, soft-opening to the season!

43 North Marina

Safe Boating Guidelines:

  • Are a great way of social distancing and enjoying quality time with family
  • Can result in a healthy day outdoors on the boat
  • Increase the chances we will continue to be allowed to use our boats
  • Improve the likelihood the Marina will be able to stay open and service customers
  • Prevent irresponsible behavior that gets noticed by the media and public officials

Get ready to go boating

In addition to sunscreen, pack sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves. Use gloves when handling shared lines, dock carts and fuel pumps. Pack all your food and drinks — chances are your favorite places to stop will be closed.

Arriving at the Marina

Don’t gather at the marina. The marina has always been a social magnet, but for the short term, it should only serve as your gateway to the water. Take a direct route to your boat. Avoid entering the marina office unless you’ve made a prior one-on-one appointment or in case of emergency.

Wet Slips

Limit your slip space to only your crew. Avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines or accepting help unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage. Wash your hands or use sanitizer after handling someone else’s boat or lines.

High and Dry

Before requesting your boat to be launched, make sure you and your crew are totally ready to get away from the dock as soon as your boat is put into the water. Stay away from others waiting for their boats to launch. We will coordinate a schedule to avoid multiple crews waiting for their boats.

On the Water

Do not raft up or beach your boat with other boats. Even if you know the others on the other boat, rafting can create an unsafe environment, and, in some states, this activity has led to officials closing access to the water. Anchoring close enough for your boat to swing without hitting other boats is a safe distance. Find a secluded spot away from others to relax. Otherwise, cruise, sail, fish, ski, jump wakes, or drag the kids until it is time to relax!

Returning to the dock

Follow the same guidelines as launching your boat. This is not the time for fish stories back on the dock. Square away your boat and get moving home.

In addition, for those of you either already on the water or soon to be on the water, please see the graphic below from our friends at Sea-Tow.  We thank them for this public service announcement and encourage all boaters in the community to pass them on to family and friends.

Stay safe and we look forward to a great summer!

43 North Marina Management
Phone: 315-676-3531


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from April 6th, 2020

With today’s announcement by the Governor that the “New York on Pause” quarantine is extended until April 29th, 43 North Marina will continue to comply and be virtual-only.  At such time the mandate is over, 43 North Marina will re-open for sales, service, and slip rentals and will continue to be vigilant in following all CDC guidelines for work-place and boater safely. 

If you are a winter storage customer on a trailer not staying with us for the summer, please contact the marina to coordinate the pick-up of your vessel – be assured that any area of the boat and trailer touched will be sanitized. 

If you are a winter storage customer that requires a launch, the management team is planning out the schedule and will begin making calls to each of you this week to coordinate the timeframe.